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All our residents staying at the Paradise Valley senior living spaces enjoy comfort and safety in all suites and apartments. Every apartment has a full bath and an emergency communication system. We encourage people to come with their pets because the Paradise Valley retirement community is pet-friendly.

Our services may vary by location, but we generally offer the following services to our assisted living communities:

• We have scheduled programs and activities that spur daily physical fitness sessions, learning, socialising, and spirituality
• All our in-house activities such as trash removal and laundry are maintenance free.
• Trained staff will take care of your loved one 24- hours a day
• We get visits twice a month from a qualified nurse
• All our meals are delicious and well balanced served during breakfast, lunch, and supper with snacks served throughout the day.
• Medical reminders and coordination
• A community dog and cat available for lovers of pets
• Educational and social programs for families
• We also have scheduled resident and family gatherings


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1776 N Scottsdale Road
Unit #2014
Scottsdale, AZ 85212

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10% of all placement costs goes back into the community to help with patient-care assistance

Paradise Valley Offers the Best Senior Living Experience

If you live within the area, our senior living assistance programs offer comfort ensuring that the needs of your loved one are met within the day. Our Paradise Valley independent living is for seniors who want to live a fuller life, need more independence, and help the family caregiver a deserved rest when we take over.

Our seniors require services done for a few hours or throughout the day for those who need home care services given through the Paradise Valley Home Care service. Our caregivers also engage home care clients by playing games with them, taking them around the Paradise Valley retirement community center or help them stroll around the compound. We try to assist your loved one in ways including getting involved in activities they enjoy taking part in.

Tailored Services

Whether it is you or a loved one who needs assistance, our professional handlers will prove that what you want is at their fingertips. Our living care professionals tailor Paradise Valley senior living services to match each resident’s welfare.

Our staff will conduct an initial assessment and consult with the family, the resident and primary care provider if available. Registered nurses whose main goal is to make sure each resident in Paradise Valley lives within their capabilities supervise our well-trained professionals. Each handler is trained to be sensitive to personal choices, dignity, and independence.

Hospitality is Our Art

All the programs encourage residents to work closely with each other, with staff, and the general community. Every program at Paradise Valley assisted living help residents create their lifestyle and work with the assistance they need. Every individual care is meant to give everyone the level of independence they choose to live.

Our Communityparadise valley senior living

At Paradise Valley, residents enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle promoting wellness and independence. Our goal is to keep residents linked to opportunities and resources that will fulfill their individual needs and interests and be part of the Paradise Valley retirement communities.

A lot of life-enriching activities and events designed to stimulate the mind body and soul are available for all residents. We host cocktail gatherings, which gives everyone an opportunity to learn about selected random topics. We do not forget to talk about new ways of staying healthy at such meetings.

Our Courtyard has a uniquely designed neighborhood serving the needs of individuals’ with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other forms of memory loss linked old age. Every individual goes through specialized programs that enhance self-expression. Our staff is ever committed to delivering quality care that meets every resident’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs.

We do not forget to involve the communities surrounding the Paradise Valley by inviting them to join family members and staff to take part in different integration programs such as volunteering, forming partnerships and enhance the lives of everyone.

Our Home Care is Different

When choosing Paradise Valley home care to provide for you or a loved one, you will get more than a personal touch. Our caregivers include nurses and therapists who are dedicated and passionate in about giving the best quality care with compassion, respect, and dignity. Our nurse-centred model sets up apart from other assisted living service providers.

The journey to find the right caregiver and home care service is already filled with anxiety and unanswered questions. Call us and get all your doubts will be put to rest by staff at Paradise Valley assisted living. We deliver results you have been looking for time after time.

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